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Global Summits are meetings that examine in-depth key areas of interest to top management and they are known for their international scope, level of the speakers and participants and concrete approach to the issues discussed.

Each Global Summit concentrates on a specific area of interest (Leadership, Marketing and Communications, Human Resources Management, Corporate Governance) and involves leading experts and players on the national and international scene, in a unique format of updating, inspiration and networking.

Cernobbio Forum Previw

A number of protagonists in the Villa d’Este Forum, “Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy”, will offer a preview of some of the themes that will be developed over the days to follow in one of the world’s most prestigious forums. An opportunity to gather intelligence on the global scenario and analyze the most significant trends for business.

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Marketing & Communications Global Summit

A not-to-be-missed event for those involved in the exciting challenge of marketing, communications and sales and, in general, for corporate top management who, given the acceleration of current trends due to the pandemic, must learn how to reach their clients using skills and methods never-before adopted.

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Human Resources Global Summit

A unique opportunity for updating and networking for anyone in charge of a team on any level. Leading international experts will offer forecasts, analysis and ideas to create organizations that are innovative, resilient and capable of proactively grasping the challenges and opportunities awaiting us in the future.

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