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The Observatory of the Cashless Society Community of The European House - Ambrosetti offers an overview on the dissemination of electronic payments in the world, in Europe and in Italy.


7th Round Table (2022)

The analysis and proposals of the seventh edition of the Community were presented on Thursday, March 31, 2022 in a Round Table that was held in phygital format, on the eve of the annual Workshop "The Outlook for the Economy and Finance" of The European House - Ambrosetti.

It was an opportunity to discuss the "new normal" scenario, innovations in payment methods and the evolution of citizens' habits, also in the light of the effects of the policies in support of digital payment. The 2022 Report of the Community was presented alongside proposals for the development of a cashless society in Italy, starting from the "Italy Cashless Plan" of the Italian Government, and the initiatives related to the so-called "cashless revolution". 

The Round Table was attended by the Leaders of the Community's Members (Argentea, Bancomat, BPER Banca, CBI s.c.p.a., Crif, Diners Club, Edenred, Easypark, Euronics, FNM, ING Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mastercard, Mooney, Nexi, PayPal, Pax, Plick PayDo, REPX system, teamx, Telepass, Unicredit, UTA and VISA), the country’s business leaders, and the summits of international, European and national institutions, who are called to discuss the actions and priorities of action to concretize the "cashless revolution" in Italy. 

The speakers were: Silvia Attanasio (Member, Digital Euro Market Advisory Board, European Central Bank; Head of Innovation, ABI), Federico Freni (Undersecretary, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance), Paola Giucca (Deputy Head of the Retail Payment Instruments and Services Service - Monetary Circulation and Retail Payments Department, Bank of Italy), Dario Nardella (Mayor of Florence), Mario Nava (Director General for Structural Reform Support, European Commission), William Olgiati (Head of EU Payment Acceptance & Experience, Amazon Europe), Oded Salomy (Head of the Payments and Settlements Systems Department, Bank of Israel), Javier Santamaría (Chair, European Payment Council - EPC), Paolo Savini (Deputy Director and Head of Services Division, Agenzia delle Entrate), Pasquale Stanzione (President, Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data), Alessandra Todde (Deputy Minister of Economic Development), Giuseppe Virgone (CEO, PagoPA), and Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner and CEO, The European House - Ambrosetti).

The meeting was moderated by Rosalba Reggio (Head of Web TV, Il Sole 24 Ore).

Cashless payment instruments are playing an increasingly central role in business and society. Italy can narrow the digital gap with other European countries by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cashless payment systems to obtain major benefits: enhanced transaction security, reduction in the cost of money, surfacing of the underground economy and stimulus for consumption and business.

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