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The Life Sciences Community operates with the intent of being a multi-stakeholder platform, where industrial and institutional players as well as others from the world of research, the university and the financial world can:

  • interact in a restricted, high-level context
  • share their experiences and promote them
  • build partnerships aimed at promoting research and innovation in the Life Sciences
  • discover strategic opportunities deriving from growth, internationalization and technological transformation in the Life Sciences
  • develop projects that represent a source of growth and expansion for the individual organization and the entire ecosystem.


  • Identify the challenges and opportunities for research and innovation in the sector of Life Sciences in Italy
  • Continue with the work of positioning of the Life Sciences sector
  • Promote national excellence and increasing awareness in Italy of the importance of investing in research and innovation
  • Strengthen direct interaction among institutions, Italian national and regional policy-makers, academia, the world of research, business and finance
  • Develop proposals and projects and foster their implementation and realization
  • Support activities and initiatives of technological transfer in the Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Community is supported by major players of the national Life Sciences ecosystem.

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