Retail 5.0 Community | The European House - Ambrosetti

The aim of the Community

Involving the various players in the Specialized retail, the key representatives of the benchmark countries analyzed and the European institutions in a process of constructive, on-going discussion, with the goal of offering proposals to government and the nation’s economy.

The economic and social impact of the Specialized retail sector on the country is much greater than what is perceived by the public and institutions, and it represents a vital asset for the nation’s competitiveness.


billion euros in revenues


billion euros in value added


billion euros in investment

If it were a single sector, it would be the no. 1 sector out of 99 surveyed in terms of revenues, value added and investment.

Despite this, currently, the Specialized retail is not recognized either as a single sector, or from a political perspective. Added to this is the social-economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 emergency that has severely impacted the non-food retail sector and the unprecedented changes currently underway.

Within this scenario, the Next Generation EU recovery plan offers major opportunities that could also benefit the Specialized retail. Nonetheless, to-date, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) does not include specific measures for the Specialized retail.

If Italy wants to see renewed growth, it must provide support to consumption that represents 60% of its Gross Domestic Product. Without a recovery in food and non-food consumption, it will be very difficult for the country to begin to grow once again.

The Community Retail 5.0 launched by The European House - Ambrosetti participated in the Rimini Meeting on August 23, 2021. The panel - composed of Alessandro Bracci (President and CEO of Teddy Group and Vice President of Cdo), Massimo Dell'Acqua (CEO, Euronics), Laura Gabrielli (CEO, FG Gallerie Commerciali) Valerio De Molli (Managing Partner & CEO, The European House - Ambrosetti), Gilberto Pichetto Fratin ( Deputy Minister of Economic Development with powers to trade) and Patrizia De Luise (National President of Confesercenti) - discussed the scenarios, strategies and policies for the relaunch of a key sector for the well-being of society.